Volunteer With Us

Geoversity is looking for independently driven individuals to join our staff at our Science and Leadership Training Centre, Centro Mamoní, in moving our not-for-profit organization forward. There is no one particular field you will be focused on as you are expected to help our team of staff and interns with any project that, at that specific time, needs attention for us to accomplish our mission of conserving the Mamoní Valley and becoming 100% self sustainable.

You may have a college service requirement to fulfill, or you may just like to work in unique and remote settings—either way, this experience is for you.

  • Site and facilities maintenance and support; i.e gardening and landscape maintenance, housekeeping and cleaning, meal preparation, construction, etc.
  • Research activity support: i.e agricultural and reforestation events (plantings, soil prep, site prep, seed gathering, etc.)
  • Educational Programs activity support: i.e help facilitate groups, prep for workshops, etc.
  • Eco-adventure activity support: i.e help facilitate groups, prep for activities, etc
  • Themed retreat activity support: i.e help facilitate groups, prep for activities, etc.
  • Taking part in multimedia projects.
  • Aiding in rural classroom workshops for educational opportunities with local communities and schools.
  • Patrolling and managing jungle trails with our certified guides.
  • Building and tinkering with natural resources like bamboo, vines, hardwoods, among others.
  • Unstructured personal exploration and experimentation.

Your commitment with us will require minimum labor of 6 hours per day from Monday to Friday and 3.5 hours for Saturday. The typical starting time will be 7:30 am but could vary depending on activities.

Your participation will play a crucial part in the successful stewardship and conservation of the Valley.  In consideration of the investment of time, energy, and capital necessary to curate your volunteering experience, a value agreement will be reached in terms of accommodations, oversight, personal goals, and daily tasks for projects to be accomplished.

Donation (50% for Panamanian students):

$ 10 / day with a minimum stay of 7 days.

Are you a professional in your field and interested in staying for more than a month? Let us know and your fee could be fully, or partially, covered by a Geoversity grant!

Geoversity Provides:

  • Shared lodging in your private tent on a covered, raised wooden cabana at an off-grid outpost at the edge of a vast wilderness preserve, with showers
  • Broadband internet
  • 25 meters length natural pool
  • Sustainably generated electricity 24/7
  • 3 meals daily
  • Potable water
  • Community garden
  • Access to the hand wash laundry and dry room facilities
  • Conservation fee to support Mamoní Valley Preserve
  • Support on how to plan logistics and city lodging 
  • Special rates for eco-adventure activities
  • Howler monkeys, hummingbirds, and sloths.

What is not included:

  • Airport pickup and drop-off* 
  • Any costs outside of the Mamoní Valley Preserve
  • Eco Adventure activities
  • Any medical costs
  • Any travel or medical insurance

*Private airport/city pickup/drop-off costs $120 each way per truck (fits 4ppl) for a ride to or pick up from the Tocumen International airport or locations in Panama City. Other options are to take a bus from Panama city to Chepo for $1.50 and we will pick you up in Chepo, which costs $80 each way per truck (fits 4ppl). Taxi from the airport to Chepo is about $40 and from Panama city is about $60 (all fees can be split with other ppl in your group).

Other volunteers said:

Geoversity is like no other place you will visit to learn about rain forest ecology, sustainability, adventure education and indigenous culture. Mark, Anna, Easy, Giuseppe, Esmeralda, Elena, James and Claus are extremely knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of their responsibilities at the reserve. You will learn so much and have not only the best experience of a lifetime but an adventure to remember. Thank you to all of you and I’m looking forward to coming back soon.

Dina DiSantis

Thank you Geoversity for teaching me so much. It was such an amazing experience. I have a better understanding of different cultures. And I am also much more grateful for all the things that I have here in the U.S. Thank you!

Grace Austermiller

Durante los 6 meses de voluntariado, Geoversity nos dió la oportunidad de desarrollar un proyecto en un entorno privilegiado como lo es el Valle de Mamoní. Pudimos aprender de primera mano cómo funciona un ecosistema selvático, y durante todos los meses que estuvimos con ellos recibimos el apoyo necesario para sentirnos como en casa. Por un tiempo se convirtieron en nuestra familia.

Núria Monteverde & Eloi Miralles

Geoversity provides a one of a kind way to enjoy Panama to its fullest. Every day offers new adventures that you will remember for the rest of your life. Geoversity does this while striving to teach the vital lessons of sustainability and responsible small footprint living to all they meet. They exemplify everything they stand for, and they are a fabulous outfit. I will remember my time in Panama till the day I die because of these incredible people. I cannot recommend Geoversity enough.

Jack Lifland

J’ai vécu une expérience de vie absolument fabuleuse au sein de Geoversity. Dans un cadre digne des films d’aventures, nous avons passé 3 semaines super formatrices aux côtés de Mark, Nico, des volontaires et des scientifiques. Au-delà du cadre de jungle ambiante, nous avons pu partager et élargir nos connaissances de permaculture. Nous avons pu apprendre à connaître les dangers mais aussi toutes les merveilles de cet environnement d’apparence hostile. Je recommande très largement cette expérience riche en émotions et découvertes. C’est tellement loin de notre quotidien que s’en est difficile à décrire et c’est ce qui en fait aussi sa richesse et sa force.

Simon Heintz