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When donating to Geoversity, you can choose to donate your money towards one or more specific projects and causes. Please use the donation box below to specify which projects you wish to support!


Donations qualify for a tax deduction for US taxpayers.

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Bamboo Ark / Mola sail

Your generous donation will help us achieve our goal of building the Bamboo Ark—a large prototype catamaran using bamboo from the Mamoní Valley Preserve—to promote the intelligent use of green materials and calling attention worldwide to plastic contamination of the planet’s rivers and oceans. Learn more


Geoversity’s School for Biocultural Leadership

Your donation will help us achieve a critical number of conscious leaders empowered with the skills, experience and supportive ecosystem they need to avert global ecological collapse and, ultimately, bring about the Biocultural Renaissance. Learn more.


Centro Mamoní infrastructure maintenance and development

Your donation will help us achieve the goal for our science and leadership training center, Centro Mamoní—located in one of the top 25 Biodiversity Hotspots in the world—of becoming 100% self-sufficient with food, building materials, energy, and water use, while sharing experiential learning experiences with volunteers, interns, and guests from all over the world. Learn more.


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Donations can be made either through Geoversity Foundation in the US which enables a tax deduction for US taxpayers or to Fundación Geoversity in Panama.

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Geoversity Foundation, formerly Earth Train Foundation, established in 1991, is a US 501 (c)(3) public charity organization  in accordance with the standards and regulations of the US Internal Revenue  Service (IRS) with EIN: 94-3107635. It is dedicated to supporting the mission of creating conservation communities and life-changing learning experiences for biocultural leadership.

Fundación Geoversity, formerly Fundación Earth Train, is a Panamanian not-for-profit private foundation established for the sole purpose of supporting the mission of Geoversity Foundation in Panama and in other countries in Latin America. Fully and transparently accountable to Geoversity Foundation, Fundación Geoversity is entrusted with the governance of ecological conservation holdings and resources established and maintained in whole or in part with financial and voluntary support from Geoversity Foundation and from all other contributors to the Geoversity mission.

The two Geoversity organizations work in close partnership with The Mamoní Valley Preserve, a US 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to acquiring, restoring and holding lands for ecological conservation in the watershed of the upper Mamoní River in the Province of Panama.