About Geoversity

Geoversity Foundation—formerly Earth Train Foundation, established in 1991—is a US 501 (c) (3) nonprofit public charity with EIN: 94-3107635 dedicated to supporting the mission of creating conservation communities and empowering biocultural leaders committed to renewing and growing our unity with nature.

In 2000, Geoversity established its permanent international base in the Republic of Panama and started developing its youth experiential learning programs. Fundación Geoversity—formerly Fundación Earth Train—is the Panamanian nonprofit umbrella organization directly responsible for sustainable governance, conservation, and development of all initiatives of the Geoversity ecosystem and the Mamoní Valley Preserve.

Areas of Work

School for Biocultural Leadership

We offer rigorous experiential learning programs, courses, and expeditions to empower emerging and accomplished biocultural leaders to go beyond the mess we’re inheriting to create the world we want.

Our programs fully engage mind, body and spirit and combine science, business and the arts.

Conservation Communities

We create conservation communities dedicated to engaging local and indigenous leaders in protecting and regenerating the rainforest, ocean, and desert ecosystems worldwide—home to the network of Geoversity campuses.

We are following innovating land and sea conservancy models for our Life Changer experiential learning programs, each with ecological and cultural diversity.

Applied Research and Design

We nurture breakthrough research, SDG strategies, and business solutions to meet social and environmental challenges through natural design and indigenous wisdom.

We provide services to international development agencies, indigenous authorities, government institutions and sustainability-oriented businesses; and co-develop communication tools for global impact.