Educational Programs

We offer both classic and customized experiential learning programs that can have a mix or focus on science, community development, and biocultural leadership.

Life Changer Programs

Our Life Changer Programs are designed to promote hands-on learning while making a positive impact on the flora, fauna, and communities through diverse scientific research initiatives, species reintroduction, land-use monitoring, and community workshops in this ecological hotspot. Understanding living systems and visiting indigenous communities are some of the systems-thinking experiences we include in our programs. And of course, we learn from nature during rainforest treks, waterfall swims, and wildlife observation.

Conveniently located 2 hours east of Panama’s international airport, and in the heart of the Mamoní Valley Preserve, lies our Science and Leadership Training Center, Centro Mamoní. This unique educational field campus and lodging site is within a critical biological corridor (Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena) that is the bridge for culture and wildlife throughout the Americas and home to many endemic and endangered species.

Join us to support the Preserve’s large-scale land conservation and habitat restoration within the 28,000-acre upper Mamoní Valley Watershed and beyond. 

Geoversity’s local staff and guides carefully design and plan all programs with your personal and institutions’ goals in mind, which all support the preserve’s large-scale land conservation and habitat restoration within the 28,000-acre upper Mamoní Valley Watershed and beyond. What they all have in common is enriched experiences that take educators into new worlds.

Hands-on Learning

Educators love our Life Changer Programs for their wide variety of disciplinary skills options relevant to AP, STEAM, and IB programs, along with their practical integration of university degree study materials.  Our decades of experience allows us to do this in environments where, with the students, we will safely get our hands dirty to  fully grasp course materials, live real life challenges and experience decision making in ways not possible in a classroom— while enjoying unique adventures.
Our programs offer opportunities to have you join ongoing research projects, interact in spanish to learn from and promote intercultural understanding that inspire inquiry, build confidence, and encourage enthusiasm for conservation and sustainable living. It is an immersion experience that challenges students’ mindsets and offers a life-changing experience.

Speak with our Program Director to see how your institution can be a part of this unique opportunity!

What teachers & students have to say:

“I have been working with Geoversity and their amazing team of professionals for almost 10 years. They are passionate about environmental sustainability and their knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious. They have a vocation for educating our youth to play a pivotal role in deeply understanding our natural world and being part of the solution to protect planet earth. The experiences that young people will encounter with Geoversity are life changing!”

N. Reeves, Previous Head of the MET School of Panama and Boston School International, 2018-2020

“They introduced me to the most amazing parts of Panama. It was an experience I will never forget. I’m inspired to go back to Panama and help them continue their important, valuable and wonderful work!!!”

Lucía Lifland, High School Student, Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning, USA

“It was a well-run, balanced itinerary for environmental and cultural education, community service, language immersion, and adventure—  an incredible experience!”

Jane Kelson, Science Department Chair, Campolindo H.S., USA

“A fun and engaging environment for my students to learn through hands-on learning and solving real world problems.”

Nader Afzalan, Teacher at Redlands University


Geoversity offers many life changer adventures that can be added to your itinerary—a touch of adventure always makes learning more memorable!

  • Help prepare school gardens to bring food security for the kids
  • Get involved in artisanal workshops with local communities to share culture
  • Paddle down the Mamoní River in your personal Alpacka raft to study geography
  • Discover hidden waterfalls deep in the rainforest to understand biological living systems
  • Learn about permaculture at our agroforestry site to harvest your meals
  • Immerse yourself in interpretive nature hikes to inspire biophilic design (hike up to the continental divide!)
  • Be amazed by wildlife spotting to support citizen science through species cataloguing (Ornithology, Herpetology, Entomology, big cat tracking)
  • Brave the night on our nocturnal hikes to feel the forest as you step out of your comfort zone

Group itineraries can also take you beyond the Mamoní valley. Join us to experience other one-of-a-kind eco-adventures that await you in Panama:

  • Interact with traditional indigenous Guna or Embera communities to live their ancestral traditions of working with the land 
  • Learn the secrets of indigenous body art and crafts to understand how the arts play key roles in their ceremonies
  • Wade through subterranean pools to explore ancient caverns to research rare habitats for the long term conservation of caves and karst ecosystems
  • Experience Caribbean or Pacific island beaches and reefs to study coral bleaching and human impact on sensitive ecosystems 
  • Go sailing, fishing for invasive peacock bass, or spear invasive lionfish to promote the culling and consumption of destructive species
  • Visit highlights in Panama City: the canal, Frank Gehry’s Biomuseum, Smithsonian research exhibits, rainforest canopy tower, UNESCO world heritage sites, among others to explore the many wonders Panama has to offer

Our Unique Campuses & Professional Services

Geoversity’s main campus is the Mamoní Valley Preserve which is home to Geoversity’s Science and Leadership Training Center, Centro Mamoní. This sustainably powered, off-grid rainforest campus has WiFi and is one of the lodging locations where students learn from Geoversity’s ecosystem of restless creatives working towards sustainable living and shaping youth leaders. 

Our Food

Tasty, all-inclusive food service of traditional Panamanian meals with exotic options are prepared fresh daily. Tropical fruits and fresh vegetables from local markets are complemented by organic ingredients grown in our permaculture program to offer a well-balanced menu that is mostly vegetarian. Although in a remote area, we can accommodate all special diets for people with allergies or dietary needs.


Our 20+ years of experience has allowed us to scout out the best transportation services in Panama. We provide safe and reliable transportation throughout the entire country—land, lake, river, and sea!

Team on site

Our professional, multicultural team provides safe, inspirational, and adventure-filled Life Changer Programs. 

  • Wilderness Guide Certified 
  • Wilderness First Aid Trained 
  • Bi-lingual in English and Spanish

We offer both classic and customized hands-on-learning programs that can have a mix or focus on science, community development, and biocultural leadership.

It’s time to organize your Life Changer Program with us, let us be your guide!

Example 10-day program


1 – Intro to ecology in the neotropics

2 – Immerse into the rainforest on an interpretive hike the continental divide 

3 – Explore hidden waterfalls and study geography and forest cycles 

4 – Conserve wildlife & stealthily walk the jaguar trail to set camera traps to monitor habitat connectivity 

5 – Research biodiversity by spotting, identifying, & record keeping for citizen science species cataloguing

6 – Discover the dark side of the jungle on a nocturnal hike to understand how living systems thrive

7 – Paddle down the river in kayaks to study tropical watersheds and their global connectivity

8 – Engage in the culture & history of the Caribbean islands with indigenous Guna 

9 – Submerse to study tropical marine ecosystems around a sunken ship

10 – Live the past, present & future of tropical ecology at Frank Gehry’s Biomuseum, the Panama Canal and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute


Price per student for 15 –  22 students with 2 complimentary teachers.

Includes certified guides, lodging, food and transportation.