Grab your gear and go off the beaten path to explore alongside our highly skilled certified wilderness local guides the spectacular places of Panama. Geoversity’s Life Changer expeditions are about immersion in the natural and cultural diversity of Panama, with a purpose.

Our team of local experts collaborate with indigenous leaders to co-create expeditions that are physically and mentally challenging, but always rich in meaning. 

Let us take you on pioneering journeys that have you crossing the Americas at the narrowest point, sailing the remote pacific islands, exploring elfin rainforests, or getting close and personal with the charming indigenous communities of the Embera or Guna.  

All expeditions are unique learning-adventures not offered by anyone else and known to provide life-changing experiences!

Expedition Team

Each team is led by highly-qualified local expedition leaders, who combine their passion for exploration with industry-leading professionalism.

  • Wilderness Guide Certified 
  • Wilderness First Aid Trained 
  • Bi-lingual in English and Spanish 

If you have any questions about how to organize your Life Changer Expedition with us, let us be your guide!


Apply to join our Life Changer expeditions and receive a more detailed expedition itinerary. Here are some expedition-specific questions, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with our certified wilderness guides if your question remains unanswered.

What are the fitness requirements?

For the sailing-only expeditions, there are none.

As for Geoversity’s jungle expeditions, those are meant for anyone with a healthy lifestyle and a good level of general fitness. Participants should be willing to be part of a team working together to enjoy a safe, fun, and meaningful experience. The biggest challenges on these expeditions will be trekking on steep jungle terrain in humid environments. Some expeditions have biking portions on steep roads, while some have river rafting portions that can be done by inexperienced paddlers who have the ability quickly adapt to the basic skills needed.

Arriving unprepared and/or without meeting the minimum fitness requirements can jeopardise your health and the overall expedition experience, so take training seriously. 

Get in touch with any fitness, health, training or packing questions that you might have. Our certified wilderness guides prefer to have video conversation with participants in advance to ensure that fitness expectations and packing needs are met.

For our jungle expeditions expect the following:

  • Carry up to 15kg/33lbs per person in your expedition pack.
  • Trekking as much as 6-8 hours on some days and covering up to 10km or more per day.
  • Anticipate wet, dense tropical rainforest with steep terrain on rustic paths and frequent river or stream crossings. 
  • Climate is hot and humid and below 1,000m/3,333ft elevation
  • Being comfortable around water is essential for most, but not all, expeditions
  • Age requirements vary depending on expedition type, but can be as young as 12
Can you recommend any packing advice?

Of course! Once you have applied to join an expedition you will receive a detailed packing list of recommended and suggested items for your expedition.

Can you review my gear to make sure I’ve got the right stuff?

Yes! One of our certified wilderness guides will be happy to help by reviewing in a videocall your gear choices.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Sim cards and data plans are cheap in Panama, but depending on the expedition you choose you will likely not have coverage for  the majority of your expedition.

Do you have satellite phones in case of emergencies?

We do! We have a robust contingency plan in place, which includes agreements with helicopter service providers who can aid us in the unlikely event of an aerial evacuation.

Will I be able to charge my devices?

While at our campuses you have access to electricity 24/7. While on a trek, you will be dependent on any battery banks you decide to carry along.

Can you accommodate special diets?

Certainly! In our pre-arrival documents you will be asked to fill out your dietary requirements. Failing to do so you might be subject to a diet of scorpions and grubs.