School for Biocultural Leadership

We offer rigorous experiential learning programs, courses, and expeditions to empower emerging and accomplished biocultural leaders to go beyond the mess we’re inheriting to create the world we want.

Our participant stakeholders include:

  • K through 12 and university students doing field trips and studies coupled with  biocultural leadership coaching;
  • Top executives and professionals, including teachers, interested in learning from and partnering with nature, and up for our combination of deep dialogues and expedition challenges;
  • Young emerging leaders and global activists, specially from indigenous and underprivileged communities;
  • Volunteers and interns, both young and experienced.

Our programs fully engage mind, body and spirit and combine science, business and the arts. They are all:

  • Grounded in real places that are home to the work of ecological, economic and cultural regeneration;
  • Energized by the physical, mental and team challenges of meaningful journeys and life-changing expeditions;
  • Steeped in systems thinking and natural design to learn from both the past and the emerging future;
  • Deeply rooted in Indigenous and ancestral wisdom.

Life has thrived on change for billions of years by launching countless generations of self-organizing, replicating experiments. Evolution is messy, and its products are diverse. We know this. Yet, we’re still teaching tomorrow’s leaders to think in terms of mechanistic, monocropped, and disparate solutions. Our work at Geoversity is therefore urgent: to empower next-generation leaders who are literate in living systems, and willing to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty while seeking potential over problems.

Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Ph.D., Dean, School for Biocultural Leadership