Creating conservation communities and life changing learning experiences for biocultural leadership.

Intro to Geoversity

Geoversity is a growing ecosystem of individuals and organizations working together to promote Biocultural Leadership. Out of years of ecological restoration, fighting to protect biodiversity, and supporting numerous scientific research projects, we have nurtured several conservation communities. We have created our GeoSchool with campus locations at various stages of development.

Unique to Geoversity’s DNA is the Life Changer team of guides and explorers who help those whose lives we are touching unpack the full value of the nature and culture immersion experiences we are now able to provide. Geoversity’s action-oriented learning adventures grounded in place―our natural campuses rich in biological and cultural diversity—are the essence of our Life Changer Programs where we strive to achieve breakthroughs in Biocultural Leadership.

Want to see what Geoversity is about in a short documentary produced by Ubisoft?

Nature Retreats

Your experiences with our nonprofit Fundación Geoversity support conservation and communities as you reconnect with nature like nowhere else in Panama. Stay at our off-the-grid rainforest Research and Leadership Training Center. All our facilities are sustainably powered 24/7 by a unique hydroelectric and solar system.

Educational Programs

Through our Life Changer Programs, we’ll collaborate with your staff in creating hands-on learning and cross-cultural team-building opportunities for the students willing to go beyond their comfort zones and step up to the challenges of leadership for a healthy world.

Join us! GeoYear

The perfect mix of study abroad programs in your sabbatical year:

Geoversity’s GeoYear is an immersive gap year plus study-abroad alternative taking place in Panama.

Drawing on Geoversity’s 20 years of youth leadership work in Panama, it is ideally suited to engage explorer-minded individuals who seek once-in-a-lifetime adventures, to team up with new and equally motivated friends, and, ultimately, to grow in their capacity to make significant contributions to the well-being of Planet Earth.

In GeoYear, we immerse our GeoYear students in Panama’s diverse local ecosystems, cultures, and worldviews. They learn to discern unique local patterns and potential—what do these particular places and people seek to be and how can this be applied to other places around the world? Our biocultural leaders learn how to see and develop this energetic potential, to design for and catalyze regeneration in their own communities—hotspots of care, commitment, and clarity for ongoing biocultural renewal. Because here’s what every ecologist, farmer, and forager knows: when the right seeds are planted in the right time and place, their growth is irrepressible. In time, with the right care and relationships, such seedlings become thriving forests, making and supporting more life. 

Our Geoversity soil is fertile. Could you be our next seed?

Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Ph.D.

Founder and Principal, TEEM Innovation Group, LLC
‍Dean, Geoversity’s School of Biocultural
Leadership in Panama

Mamoní Valley Preserve

Geoversity’s main campus is the Mamoní Valley Preserve, which encompasses 5,000 hectares (12,500 acres) of rainforest and aspires to geographically include the entire 12,200 hectare (28,900 acre) upper Mamoní watershed and its 1,500 hectares (3,900 acres) of old-growth forest.

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At Geoversity we do our best to stay carbon neutral. Our Life Changer programs take place on our almost self-sustainable off-grid conservation campuses and travel on the Life Changer grid is done mostly by sailing, mountain biking, trekking, paddling, and horseback riding. Even so, international participants will normally produce a flight carbon footprint that we recommend you neutralize by using our Flight Carbon Offset mechanism.

Partners and Collaborators