Applied Research and Design

We nurture breakthrough research, SDG strategies, and business solutions to meet social and environmental challenges through natural design and indigenous wisdom. We provide services to international development agencies, indigenous authorities, government institutions and sustainability-oriented businesses; and co-develop communication tools for global impact.

  • Scientific research and field stations (e.g. species inventories, GIS mapping and habitat conservation studies);
  • Environmental and social development consultancy and advisory services;
  • High-impact audio-visual and popular events;
  • Producing natural design workshops (e.g. bamboo) and professional-level courses.

A global campaign with the dual purpose of:

  • Scaling up opportunities for emerging and accomplished leaders to gain the skills, experience and network required to dramatically expand their work creating a world where humans embrace our unity with nature, and
  • Promoting watershed and marine conservation and natural design solutions for vulnerable coastal communities.

Nature provides a world beyond what most of us have seen or can imagine. Key to innovation is the opening of our minds to new possibilities. Immersion in nature and learning from nature offers an opportunity to unlock your creative potential.

Dr. David S. Ricketts, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University; Nature of Business Program Chair

The Geoversity Bamboo Ark Campaign was launched at COP 26 in Glasgow by Guna youth leaders Agar Tejada and Iniquilipi Chiari from Panama in partnership with indigenous leaders from the Americas. The first 11.5 meter Bamboo Ark is being built by Henk Bergsma and Roelof Van der Werff in the Netherlands for shipment and completion in Panama. The design, inspired by the shape of traditional Guna and Emberá dugouts, is by Fairwind Marine Projects.

Our Geo 2030 Bamboo Ark Campaign is a global call-to-action to empower emerging and accomplished leaders working to prepare our communities to face a rising sea, flooding rivers, landslides, incursions by loggers and ranchers, and parched forests on fire. We must continue growing stronger in our resolve, smarter in our organization and united in our action with our brothers and sisters of lands close by and far away.

Iniquilipi Chiari, Co-Founder and First President, The Guna Youth Congress and Geoversity’s Director of Indigenous Youth Programs