Designing with Nature

Geoversity Design is a growing circle of builders, designers, scientists and artists teaming up to model built environments and artistic expressions that are in  harmony with nature and that ultimately reconnect us with nature. We heed the natural lines of waves and mountains; we work into our designs the richly textured, crooked, curvy and rugged qualities of wood, bamboo, rock and nature’s many other building and artistic materials.


Geoversity engages emerging and accomplished designers, builders, business professionals and artists in the design and prototype structures to engineer solutions and art that: 

  • Consciously tap nature’s 3.8 billion years of evolutionary R&D (Biomimicry)
  • Celebrate natural design and the use of natural materials
  • Embrace oneness with nature

Go off trail with a diverse circle of leaders to discover how Nature is evolving the keys to meeting the most pressing challenges facing the modern organization and its leaders— from product/service design to employee engagement and more— all in Panama, the epicenter of cultural and biological diversity.

We conduct the following variety of courses and workshops:

  • 3D design
  • Construction with Natural Materials: Especially bamboo, wood, rock and earth
  • Product innovation: GeoSpheres, Bamboo structure kits, bamboo playground kits, etc.
  • Boat building with bamboo and wood

What others say about it

Nature provides a world beyond what most of us have seen or can imagine. Key to innovation is the opening of our minds to new possibilities. Immersion in nature and learning from nature offers an opportunity to unlock your creative potential.

Dr. David S. Ricketts, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University; Nature of Business Program Chair