Our Vision

A world where humans fully embrace our unity with nature.

Our Mission

Creating conservation communities and empowering biocultural leaders committed to renewing and growing our unity with nature.

Geoversity is Nature’s University. Our main campus is the Mamoní Valley Preserve,  a 4,800-hectare (12,000 acres) rainforest conservancy located in one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world, less than a two-hour drive from Panama City, Panama

Geoversity leads a growing ecosystem of individuals and organizations united in the mission of biocultural renewal. Our programs are grounded in the hard day-to-day work of watershed conservation and the fight to avert global ecological collapse, always in team with local communities, indigenous authorities, and youth activists. We offer immersive learning experiences, guided by applied science, natural design, and indigenous wisdom, for emerging and accomplished biocultural leaders.

Join us on a journey of intellectual and personal discovery, benefiting from three decades of experience empowering biocultural leaders.

Centro Mamoní in 2003 compared to how it looks in 2021

Join us in engaging millions of our peers in keeping the promise of life on Earth…Grow the skills, the teams and the global will to avert environmental collapse and create the future we want, Now.

Juan Carlos Monterrey, Executive Director, addressing the first cohort of Obama Foundation Voyagers, November, 2022

Join us as we work to equip the coming generations with the tools needed to step into a better and brighter future, one connection at a time.

Read the Geoversity’s Biocultural Learning Whitepaper.

Andrea Miller, Director of Biocultural Learning

Areas of Work


Geoversity’s administrative headquarters are located in the City of Knowledge in Panama City and our main campus is the Mamoní Valley Preserve, a 4,800-hectare (12,000-acres) rainforest conservancy in the Eastern Panama Forest, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

Join Us and Get Involved!

With your support and participation, we can, together, protect the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems and empower waves of biocultural leaders working to restore our unity with nature and, ultimately, create the world we want.

Partners and Collaborators