Caracol River Basin initiative

Geoversity’s growing ecosystem is made up of several conservation communities and has grown from research projects and locations at various stages of development. This includes the Caracol River Basin conservation community.

The Caracol River Basin restoration project is currently creating a conservation community with the Ausinheiler Family including their two children. The aspiration is to include an additional 89 acres (36 hectares) to the Mamoní Valley Preserve on the request of valley neighbors and through the following activities:

  • Restoration of critical wildlife habitats and providing viewing opportunities through a combination of strategic planting, undisturbed regrowth, erosion mitigation, small-scale hydraulic engineering and construction of viewing towers and blinds.
  • Maintenance and strengthening of relations with and between the neighboring Guna people, farmers/ranchers, visiting scientists, youth leaders, students and environmentalists to promote conservation in the Mamoní Valley and the world at large. This includes both quotidian interactions and the extension of several existing community engagement initiatives.
  • Sharing and modeling sustainable living and agricultural practices with neighbors and visitors including tropical permaculture, agroforestry, sustainable build and design with bamboo, and zero-waste practices.