Design Course in partner with Architectural Association School of Architecture

Panama City

20 – 29 January 2022


*reduced fee for Panamanian citizens

Using cutting edge digital design tools, in this 10 day course we will explore an immersive design process which lies between the precision of the digital and the eccentricity of bamboo. Our design process will begin with a construction workshop which will take place in Panama City, we will then go for four days to the Mamoní Valley Preserve in the Panamanian jungle where students will be able to see the potential of bamboo as a construction material, its relation to ecology, the built environment and water security; topics which the students will embed in an active way into their final projects. These architecture projects will present the positive long term impact such a design process and material use can have.

This course will be bilingual and taught in both English and Spanish.

What is the role of the architect to balance the forces of urban growth with specific environmental and biodiversity needs? Can a re-thinking of the application of natural sustainable materials and historic construction practices of the Panama/Colombia region play a role in this challenge? As designers, how can we innovate ways in which this can be facilitated?

Prominent Features of the Workshop/ Skills Developed

  • Immersive experience at the Panamanian Jungle
  • Bamboo material characteristics and principles of building with bamboo
  • Lectures to understand principles and details of bamboo joint systems for full-culm bamboo
  • Physical bamboo model making
  • Physical bamboo construction
  • Concept design process to consider the practicalities of natural materials
  • Lecture series’ on experimental bamboo design using digital design tools, biodiversity and water security.
  • Detail drawing of a bamboo structure to communicate joinery and the construction process
  • Teaching of architectural design software and their application through a generative design approach to design for full-culm bamboo. Software includes: Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, Ladybug, and Kangaroo.

The AA Panama Visiting School requires a fee of £955 per participant, which includes a £60 Digital membership fee.

There are a limited number of reduced fee spaces for Panamanian citizens. Please contact enquire about availability.

Fees do not include flights or accommodation in Panama City, but will include accommodation during our 4 day (3 nights) stay in the jungle and transportation from our studio to our jungle location at the Mamoní Valley Preserve.

Students need to bring their own laptops, digital equipment and model making tools.