The Adventurers’ Club of Denmark 2021

Panama City

30 Apr – 8 May 2022

Members of The Adventurers’ Club of Denmark only

AC exploration of Panama – much more than papers and a canal 

This club journey has been developed by our member Claus Kjaerby (#376), who arrived in Panama 11 years ago, and has been living in Latin America for the past 24 years. Some of our older members will remember how he in 1994, took us on a Catalina flight journey through Venezuela from the Amazon, above the World’s highest waterfall “Angel’s Fall”, and to the Orinoco Forest Delta which included a successful canopy crash; and from 1999 when we spend a full week of trekking through the Peruvian Amazon with the Harakmbut people.

This voyage includes the opportunity to experience the Panama Canal, albeit in an alternative way, and the chance to explore places that are even unknown to most Panamanians. We submerge into Claus’s natural and professional world “Geoversity”, the Mamoní Valley Preserve, and indigenous territories. We will get to understand how Latin America’s finance center co-exists with indigenous peoples and the challenges it represents!

The travel itinerary is developed in the wake of the launching of what Geoversity calls a Life Changer grid. We will test a part of this, and all club members will stay together most of the time while the physically fit generations conduct a rainforest trekking and rafting expedition across the Continental Divide, into the indigenous Gunayala territory, where we will all meet up again and occupy a small paradisiac Caribbean Island, together.