After School

The wisest and noblest teacher is nature itself.

Leonardo da Vinci

Our Learning Pillars

Our approach as a learning community is holistic, embracing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of human development.

We’re working to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental stewards and responsible global citizens from an early age.  We teach and seek to model in daily action our learning pillars. We encourage teachers and families to join us and our students in honoring these pillars through dialogue, reflection, and daily reinforcement with the following focus:

  • Bioculture: fostering our unity with nature.
  • Bioheritage: staying open to different cultures, ways of learning, and worldviews.
  • Biomimicry: learning from nature and advancing our ability to work with nature in solving problems and creating solutions.
  • Systems thinking: developing our capacity to sense the complexity of the world by looking at it in terms of wholes and relationships rather than by splitting it down into its parts.
  • Empathy: understanding and caring for all life.
  • Knowledge Transfer: sharing information and tools essential to the mission of renewing and growing our unity with nature.

Our After School Programs

Nature Learning

Our experiential programs focus on the whole student as we promote environmental consciousness and biocultural learning. They are grounded in a commitment to community involvement, scientific inquiry, and self-directed learning enriched by the biological and cultural diversity of Panama.

Nature Expeditions

Getting comfortable and stimulating curiosity exploring a diversity of natural and cultural settings.

Ages7 – 11 years old
WhenWednesday’s at 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Cost$30 per session /  $100 per month

Nature Play

Younger students, playing outdoors, muddy kitchen etc.

Ages3 – 6 years old
WhenMonday’s at 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Cost$30 per session /  $100 per month


Geoversity’s Urban Forest Campus

The natural world is our main source of guidance and teaching and the Greater Metropolitan Area of Panama City is our playground. Our programs and experiences take place from the Gamboa Rainforest to the mangroves of Juan Diaz and the waters of the Bayano River. Our students learn about their city from the eyes of nature. Geoversity’s Urban Forest Campus main office is located in the City of Knowledge, adjacent to a 740 acres portion of the Camino de Cruces National Park

For inquiries please make direct contact with our director of the Urban Forest Programs main faculty is Andrea Miller: