A Transcontinental Expedition for Business Leaders

Panama City

5 – 12 Jan 2022


*It does not include international airfare, health, and travel insurance

Geoversity Chair Verne Harnish and our Life Changer Team have designed a one-of-a-kind learning adventure as a build-up to the historic YPO-EO global event Scale Up Leadership: Learning from Nature taking place on February 22, 2022.   

Apply to be one of only eight explorers on an expedition, combining sailing, mountain biking, hiking the Jaguar Trail, a river descent in pack boats, and snorkeling around an island in Indigenous territory reserved only for your group.  Enjoy the camaraderie of peers while immersing yourself in extraordinary biological and cultural diversity as you explore some of the most significant oceanic, coastal wetland, upland rainforest, and river biomes on planet Earth. Geoversity’s filmmakers will produce a short commemorative video of your expedition for family and friends -and as a resource for the producers of the YPO-EO event.