Leadership Development

We grow leadership and organize learning events with an emphasis on the empowerment of youth and indigenous organizations, as well as conservation-minded entrepreneurs, regularly and upon request.

(Global) Youth Leadership

“Shortly after graduating from college with a degree in Business in my early 20s, I took an 8,000-kilometer journey that would change my life. I departed Victoria, Canada to spend six months pursuing a surfer’s dream traveling south on the Pan American Highway in a converted Ford pickup intent on making it to the very tip of South America.  However, by the time I reached the fabled Darien Gap I had already fallen in love with Panama.  While the country’s exciting diversity of landscapes and cultures gave me pause, my work with Geoversity would soon give me a purpose, one of service and adventure.

Over the last 7 years, a myriad of experiences have tested my mettle and prepared me for the greatest challenge I’ve ever tackled.  Now, as a certified wilderness guide managing Geoversity’s Life Changer Programs, I’m creating learning opportunities for others to go beyond their comfort zones to explore Panama’s unique menu of biological and cultural diversity. It’s a privilege to be working with people from all over the world -from students, scientists to global business leaders- in creating meaningful adventures while making a lasting and positive contribution to the wellbeing of life on Earth.”

Mark Arie Knetsch

Manager, Life Changer Leadership Programs

Coaching, Conferencing and Networking.

Sustainable Business Education

  • The Power of Nature Forums and Adventure Seminars.
  • Biomimicry and Business Boot Camps.
  • The Mother Nature, CEO expeditions.

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