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Geoversity is an ecosystem of leaders and organizations collaborating in the pursuit of breakthroughs in human design, enterprise, and creative expression, inspired by Nature.

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Fundación Geoversity (formerly Fundación Earth Train), is the Panamanian not-for-profit umbrella organization responsible for sustainable governance, conservation and development of all initiatives of both Geoversity and the Mamoní Valley Preserve.

Geoversity Foundation (formerly Earth Train Foundation, established in 1991) is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit public charity dedicated to supporting the mission of the Geoversity ecosystem.

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The Mamoní Valley Preserve is a 4,970-hectare (12,900-acre) land conservancy aspiring to geographically include the entire 11,700-hectare upper Mamoní watershed.

Geoversity’s main campus is Centro Mamoní, a rainforest science, research, retreat and training center in the Preserve that was established by Fundación Geoversity in 2001. This center is strategically located in forested land on the continental divide which is also the southern border of Gunayala an autonomous territory of the indigenous Guna people.


Meet the Geoversity's team: Board of Directors, Staff, Advisors & Support Team.


Geoversity´s vision is biocultural renewal at a global level, a popular shift in worldview, moving away from values and practices that set humankind apart from nature, toward a fully evolved oneness with nature.


We pursue our mission through teamwork in three related areas of innovation: 1. Ecology and Conservation, 2. Creating with Nature, and 3. Life Changer.


Ecology and Conservation

We are developing land conservancy models that ensure:

  • the conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems
  • scientific field research
  • sustainable communities and enterprise
  • the honoring of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • public-private sector collaboration in the management of protected areas

Creating with Nature

We engage accomplished designers, builders, and artists in the design and prototyping of structures, engineered solutions and art that:

  • adopt Nature’s 3.8 billion years of evolutionary R&D (Biomimicry)
  • celebrate natural materials
  • ensure a connectedness to and harmony with nature

Click here to see one of our modular structures showcased at Centro Mamoní. Watch our Geoversity Design video.


Life Changer

Geoversity’s Life Changer programs are about immersion in the natural and cultural diversity of Panama - with a purpose.

Our team of experts works with youth activists, students, indigenous leaders, and executives on learning and action missions.

In short, we co-create team-building expeditions that are physically and mentally challenging and rich in meaning. We offer experiences that have you going “beyond the World we are getting to creating the World we want”.


Upcoming Events

La Bonga Xpedition

A Life Changer Expedition

Take part in this invitation only exploration of a new waterfall Life Changer destination in the Mamoní Valley Preserve.

We will camp 2 nights in the wilderness, one being near La Bonga falls, and also trailblaze amongst the higher primary forests on the Corpus Christi mountains, which form the southern boundary of the Mamoní Valley Preserve. January is the beginning of the dry season — an excellent time for this adventure.

Read the program: La Bonga Xpedition.

Request your invitation by sending an email to .

Earth Vision Journey

A Life Changer Expedition

A Life Changer invitation only Xpedition for global youth leaders across Central America.

Power of Nature

A biomimicry and youth leadership summit in Panama City and Centro Mamoní.

The Biomimicry Institute's Launchpad is an accelerator program that helps early-stage entrepreneurs bring nature-inspired solutions to market.

The program provides nature-inspired innovators and early-stage biomimicry projects with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to turn their project into a successful biomimicry startup. It consists of a virtual 10-week customer discovery and technology validation “pre-accelerator”, and an in-person Biomimicry & Business Entrepreneurship Expedition, and covers topics such as the biomimicry design process, understanding a customer’s problem or need, and how to build a rockstar team.

The Biomimicry Launchpad accelerates the development and commercialization of biomimicry startup innovations and helps support the next generation of sustainability entrepreneurs.

Centro Mamoní Open House

Discover the unique Mamoní Valley and surrounding biodiversity hotspot with stories from the rainforest.

A fun weekend with optional hikes to the Continental Divide Mirador, la Arenosa creek, and forests, Junglewood falls visits, a possible excursion to La Bonita falls, and light kayaking in the Mamoní.

A tropical campfire evening on Saturday with live music.

By invitation only. Request your invitation by sending an email to .

Cébaco Sailing Xpedition

The objective of this expedition is to explore alternative locations for Geoversity’s marine field station – aka Life Changer campus - on the Pacific island of Cébaco.

Inexperienced participants will learn about sailing techniques, navigation, and get a good idea about open water sailing.

A tropical campfire evening on Saturday with live music.

Read the program: Cébaco Sailing Xpedition.

By invitation only. Request your invitation by sending an email to .

2nd Trans Continental Expedition

A Geoversity Life Changer Expeditions

Watch the video teaser here.

Recent Events

3D Design in Bamboo

A Geoversity Design Course

Mother Nature of Invention Summit

A Geoversity Executive Program

A historic invitation-only Geoversity summit at Harvard University among stakeholders and creatives on the leading edge of tech inspired by Nature.

The Nature of Business (NoB20)

A Geoversity Executive Program

A gathering in Panama City with keynote speakers (including Verne Harnish and David Meerman Scott) followed by activities and workshops in the rainforest of the Mamoní Valley Preserve with business leaders from around the world, learning from Nature.

The Nature of Business Forum

at the Parlatino, Republic of Panama

February 6th, 2019

Organized by Geoversity, with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Panama (EO), and in collaboration with APEDE and the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP), the forum, held in the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (Parlatino), counted with the participation of an extraordinary lineup of world renowned business leaders, who enlightened us with lessons that can be learnt from nature in order to improve our organizational structures.

Click here for more info.

Watch the video aired by the Panamanian National TV news here.

The Nature of Business (NoB19): Designing with Nature

A Geoversity Executive Program

In our third year of the program we gained practical insights from nature that help drive businesses to new levels of performance. We enjoyed a one day educational program in Panama City and a three day immersion program in the jungle at Centro Mamoni in the Mamoni Valley Preserve.

Learn more about The Nature of Business program.


1st Trans Continental Expedition

A Geoversity Field Xpeditions itinerary

For the first time in modern history, an international team of explorers traversed remote areas of Panama, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, in only four days. A media team followed the expedition all the way from the dry and deforested Pacific side of the isthmus, through the Mamoní Valley Preserve —in restoration thanks to a Geoversity initiative— and through the lush Guna territory, until we reached the Caribbean coast of Panama. The documentary is expected to show how causes and effects of climate change are perceived by the participants as they mountain bike over dusty hills, hike and river raft in the rainforest, and paddle through mangroves.

Learn more about the Expedition program.


Join Us

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Private Sector & Public Institutions

Companies engage through voluntary carbon offset and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives or longer lasting joint-ventures.

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Volunteering and Intern Opportunities

Youth leaders, students, and experienced professionals of all ages can enroll in our Biocultural Volunteering and Internship Program (BVIP).

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Development Cooperation

Geoversity hosts and promotes international and grassroots development initiates that are models of collaboration in the service of the Geoversity mission.

Contact the Geoversity secretariat via email at: for more information about joining.

Here comes the partner's logos...

Mamoní 100 logo

Mamoní 100 is an invitation-only membership club focused on development and conservation in the Mamoní Valley while creating at the same time a social network of supporters in the US and abroad. So far, Mamoní 100 has acquired 3,750 hectares of land from cattle ranchers to provide a solid foundation for the Mamoní Valley Preserve. Some of these properties are now being transferred to the foundations for long lasting protection.