Global Teamwork for Breakthroughs Inspired by Nature

Who We Are

Geoversity is an ecosystem of leaders and organizations collaborating in the pursuit of breakthroughs in human design, enterprise, and creative expression, inspired by Nature.

The Geoversity secretariat is administered by Earth Train Foundation, a U.S. public educational charity, and Fundación Earth Train, a not-for-profit foundation based in the Republic of Panama.


Biocultural renewal: Geoversity wants to bring about a popular shift in worldview, moving away from values and practices that set humankind apart from nature, toward a fully evolved oneness with nature.

Our core strategic values are:

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Continual enrichment of the biocultural, generational and operational diversity of the Geoversity ecosystem.

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Promoting networking, joint venture development and learning between alliance members and collaborators.

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Go beyond problem-solving to focus on transformative breakthroughs.

Geoversity: Strategic Planning and Start-Up February 26, 2016
In September 2016, Dr. David Ricketts, Innovation Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), published a report called "Geoversity: Strategic Planning and Start-Up February 26, 2016". You can view and download it here.
Geoversity: Strategic Planning and Start-Up February 26, 2016

"... a glimpse into the rich potential of this unusual community of purpose."

- Nathan Gray, Geoversity secretariat.

Check out our Geoversity Startup Report 2016-2017 here.


We pursue our mission through teamwork in three related areas of innovation:

Ecological Research and Service

We are developing land conservancy models that ensure:

  • the conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems
  • scientific field research
  • sustainable communities and enterprise
  • the honoring of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • public-private sector collaboration in the management of protected areas

Designing with Nature

We engage accomplished designers, builders, and artists in the design and prototyping of structures, engineered solutions and art that:

  • adopt Nature’s 3.8 billion years of evolutionary R&D (Biomimicry)
  • celebrate natural materials
  • ensure a connectedness to and harmony with nature

Geoversity Design is a market oriented initiative of Geoversity’s Designing with Nature program; including creative bamboo play and building events (BambooGanza).


Leadership and Learning

We conduct and support research and learning with thought leaders and top talent in business, science, education and the arts -always enriched with dialogue and total immersion in cultural and biological diversity.



Bamboo Design and Construction Workshop

A Geoversity Design Program

November, 2018

Geoversity Design is all set for an experiment in design and construction.

Are you ready for a hands-on experiment in new ways of building with bamboo?

  • Nov, 20: Conference and registration.
  • Nov, 21-23: Building workshop.
  • Nov, 24: Closing ceremony.

Location: Parque Francisco Arias Paredes, in front of the municipality of Panama City.

For full program information click here.

Reserve your free seat for the conference and sign up for the workshop here or call 832.5800.

If you wish to become a sponsor of the workshop please click here.


The Nature of Business

A Geoversity Executive Program


The Nature of Business (NoB19): Designing with Nature

Join us for the third of three annual programs where we gain practical insights from nature that help drive businesses to new levels of performance. Participate in a one day educational program at Panama City and a three day immersion program in the jungle at Centro Mamoni in the Mamoni Valley Preserve. Sign up at to receive the latest news on the conference.

Learn more about The Nature of Business program.


JIBE (Youth Innovating for Biodiversity and Ecology)

An Earth Train / Geoversity Leadership and Learning Program


The JIBE Program is in its third year and the main objective is to educate young people on the importance of environmental protection. Through hands on workshops we encourage youth to start up their own innovative green projects and teach them how to practice sustainability and create a healthy environment in daily life.

  • Oct, 7: Hiking and Botanic Sketch.
  • Oct, 20: Environmental Performing Arts Workshop.
  • Oct, 21: Environmental Storytelling.

Join Us

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Private Sector & Public Institutions

Companies often engage through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and events or longer lasting joint-ventures.

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Volunteering and Learning Opportunities

Students, youth leaders and experienced professionals of all ages can enroll in our Biocultural Volunteering and Internship Program (BVIP).

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Development Cooperation

The Geoversity secretariat hosts and promotes international and grassroots development initiates that are models of collaboration in the service of the Geoversity mission.

Contact the Geoversity secretariat via email at: for more information about joining.