Who We Are

Geoversity is a newly formed alliance of entities that share a commitment to “learning from and partnering with nature”. Evolving as an ecosystem blending science, business and the arts, Geoversity has as its mission to model ways whereby human design, enterprise and creative expression can evolve and thrive inspired by nature and in harmony with nature. Among the institutional founders of Geoversity are Earth Train Foundation; Rainforest Capital; Forest Finance; the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University (TECH); the Center for Spatial Studies at the University of Redlands; and Fundación Ciudad del Saber.

In September, the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) published a report called "Geoversity: Strategic Planning and Start-Up February 26, 2016". You can view and download it here.


The Earth Train Foundation, an international educational organization, has been coordinating the planning of Geoversity and is currently hosting Geoversity.org, that is the secretariat of the alliance that will ultimately become a separate not-for-profit corporation.

Geoversity.org has as its mission to serve the Geoversity ecosystem by ensuring:

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We facilitate networking and joint venture development between Geoversity alliance members.

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Continual enrichment of the cultural, generational and operational diversity of the ecosystem.

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We are recruiting new members and growing a network of open source learning organizations dedicated to the Geoversity mission and vision.


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2nd Bamboo Construction Workshop

Part of the Natural Design Workshop Series

The Bamboo Construction Workshop, led by Jörg Stamm - the world renowned expert in bamboo construction- in team with the architects Patrick Dillon and Roger Martínez Díaz, is composed of short sections of theory, followed by hands-on construction work. Teams guided by our experts will be building bamboo structures that will be completed during the workshop.

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Verne Harnish Geoversity Spotlight

Verne Harnish

Co-founder and Chair, Geoversity

The Nature of Business

A Geoversity Executive Program

A four-day experiential and educational program where CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs team up with business leaders, best-selling authors and designers to gain practical insights from nature that will help them drive their businesses to new levels of sustainability. Directed by Brian Dumaine, Editor at Large Fortune Magazine and co-chair of Fortune’s Brainstorm-E Conference, Geoversity’s EP is being conducted in partnership with the Technology and Entrepreneur Center at Harvard (TECH). The 2017 session is the first of three annual The Nature of Business sessions to be held in Panama.

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Bamboo Construction Workshop

Part of the Natural Design Workshop Series

In September, Geoversity presented the first Bamboo Construction Workshop, led by the re-knowned German constructor Jörg Stamm together with the Colombian architect Roger Martínez and the Panamanian architect Patrick Dillon. Participants came from Nicaragua, Honduras, USA and Panama. The workshop was organized by Earth Train in team with the Municipality of Panama City and the City of Knowledge Foundation.

In response to popular demand, we are scheduling another workshop in January 2017. For more information please contact us at .