Who We Are

Geoversity is a newly formed alliance of entities that share a commitment to “learning from and partnering with nature”. Evolving as an ecosystem blending science, business and the arts, Geoversity has as its mission to model ways whereby human design, enterprise and creative expression can evolve and thrive inspired by nature and in harmony with nature. Among the institutional founders of Geoversity are Earth Train Foundation; Rainforest Capital; Forest Finance; the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University (TECH); the Center for Spatial Studies at the University of Redlands; and Fundación Ciudad del Saber.


The Earth Train Foundation, an international educational organization, has been coordinating the planning of Geoversity and is currently hosting Geoversity.org, that is the secretariat of the alliance that will ultimately become a separate not-for-profit corporation.

Geoversity.org has as its mission to serve the Geoversity ecosystem by ensuring:

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We facilitate networking and joint venture development between Geoversity alliance members.

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Continual enrichment of the cultural, generational and operational diversity of the ecosystem.

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We are recruiting new members and growing a network of open source learning organizations dedicated to the Geoversity mission and vision.

Geoversity: Strategic Planning and Start-Up February 26, 2016
In September 2016, Dr. David Ricketts, Innovation Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), published a report called "Geoversity: Strategic Planning and Start-Up February 26, 2016". You can view and download it here.
Geoversity: Strategic Planning and Start-Up February 26, 2016

"... a glimpse into the rich potential of this unusual community of purpose."

- Nathan Gray, Geoversity secretariat.

Check out our Geoversity Startup Report 2016-2017 here.


JIBE (Youth Innovating for Biodiversity and Ecology)

An Earth Train / Geoversity Leadership and Learning Program


The JIBE Program (Youth Innovating for Biodiversity and Ecology) is in its third year and the main objective is to educate young people on the importance of environmental protection. Through hands on workshops we encourage youth to start up their own innovative green projects and teach them how to practice sustainability and create a healthy environment in daily life.

  • April 21: Environmental friendly activities.
  • April 28: Green and natural activities focused on African American month.
  • May 5: Sustainability in daily life.

Environmental Family Fair

Join us on Saturday afternoon April 28 at 2:00 PM at the Biocultural Design Center. A fun afternoon filled with environmental activities with a Caribbean flavour. We'll have a presentation on organic products, an introduction to urban forests, a workshop with music and nature led by Yomira John, Caribbean food, African fashion and a folkloric ballet by Fuerte Raza. Come with your friends and family and enjoy the amazing view of the Panama Canal from our treehouse!

Read the program here.

How to get there.


The Nature of Business

A Geoversity Executive Program


The Nature of Business (NoB19): Designing with Nature

Join us for the third of three annual programs where we gain practical insights from nature that help drive businesses to new levels of performance. Participate in a one day educational program at Panama City and a three day immersion program in the jungle at Centro Mamoni in the Mamoni Valley Preserve. Sign up at info@geoversity.org to receive the latest news on the conference.


The Nature of Business (NoB18): Designing with Nature

NoB18 brought back the same extraordinary faculty plus additional talent for a richly interactive and experiential program directed by Dr. David S. Ricketts, Innovation Fellow, TECH, Harvard University.


The Nature of Business (NoB17): Drive businesses to new levels of sustainability

In February, 2017, 20 senior executives from six countries participated in a remarkable five-day experiential and educational program in Panama spearheaded by business educator Verne Harnish and directed by Brian Dumaine, Editor at Large Fortune Magazine. They teamed up with business leaders, best-selling authors and designers to gain practical insights from nature that will help them drive their businesses to new levels of sustainability.

See photos here: Mamoní Valley Preserve | City of Knowledge | Bambuseo | Biomuseo

Bamboo Design and Construction Workshops

A Geoversity Design Program

The workshops are led by our Geoversity Design partner Jörg Stamm, a bamboo master builder, together with architects Patrick Dillon and Roger Martinez. Teams of architects and builders will learn to build with this natural material. The production of actual bamboo constructions is interspersed with short intervals of theory and interactive design sessions.

  • 3rd Workshop: 2017 October (photos)
  • 2nd Workshop: 2017 January (video)
  • 1st Workshop: 2016 September (video)