School of Biocultural Leadership

Geoversity’s School of Biocultural Leadership is a DNA-like weaving of two streams, which gives birth to our Life Changer Programs.

One is the deep stream of places.  We are creating conservancies, each with a diversity of ecological and cultural diversity and each serving as campuses for our Life Changer experiential learning programs. Benefiting from 20 years of protecting and restoring biological and cultural diversity in Panama, the 12,500-acre Mamoní Valley Preserve has become our main campus. In development are other exceptional forests, coastal wetlands, and island field stations and conservancies for a national grid of research and adventure-learning destinations.

The other stream is one of mission and action-learning content. Drawing on 35 years of experience in hands-on learning and youth leadership development, we are now scaling up for a decade that will by 2030 determine the future wellbeing of planet Earth.

We’re emerging from the most daunting test we’ve ever faced, humbled by the challenges before us, and steeled for the tough journey ahead. Join us for a decade of path-breaking adventures through rainforest terrain, river white water, and ocean crest. Join us in creating a biocultural renaissance as one with nature.

Our Life Changer Programs:

In our Life Changer Programs, students are immersed to actively think for themselves, offering endless opportunities to improve personal development, such as confidence, self-esteem, leadership and independent thinking, all while creating stronger bonds among their peers.

What is new in Geoversity’s DNA, is the Life Changer team. These capable few perform the vital function of unpacking the full value of our gains in place and action-learning content.  They are ensuring that our natural campuses serve and inspire our Life Changer participants for breakthroughs in Biocultural Leadership.

About our Educational Programs

I have been working with Geoversity and their amazing team of professionals for almost 10 years. They have a vocation for educating our youth to play a pivotal role in deeply understanding our natural world and being part of the solution to protect planet earth. The experiences that young people will encounter with Geoversity are life changing!

Nick Reeves,  Previous Head of the MET School of Panama and Boston School International, 2018-2020

Geoversity lives their mission in everything they do; from sustainability education to partnering with lower income communities to tailoring engaging programs for youth.  ISP began by sending our Student Council up to Mamoní for retreat and team building activities, and then expanded to include our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate programs, our Eco-Schools/Sustainability students, our Rugby team, and hopefully include a faculty program in the future.

James Mattiace, Previous HS Assistant Principal, International School of Panama, 2013-2020

For the past seven years Geoversity has been leading our students on unique and authentic experiences that are both creative and responsive to the specific needs and wishes of our middle and highschool students. Their excellent leadership team and staff have always been professional and friendly. This is the best student trip organization that I’ve seen in 35 years of international education in seven countries.

Richard Hengelbrok, Secondary Principal, MET School of Panama

Working with Geoversity on our DP science projects is always a great experience. Students feel a sense of accomplishment and leadership knowing their projects tie into a network of national and international commitments.

Stephanie Bratkovics, Previous MYP Science & DP ESS Teacher MET School of Panama, 2013-2020