About Geoversity

Geoversity is an ecosystem of individuals and organizations collaborating in the creation of biocultural leadership. 

The ecosystem is nourished by real places and conservation communities starting with the Mamoní Valley Preserve

  • Established in Panama in 2001
  • Protects 5,000 hectares (12,500 acres) of biodiverse land and water systems
  • One of earth’s top ecological hotspots
Centro Mamoní in 2001 compared to how it looks in 2021

Geoversity’s natural campuses and our learning and leadership programs are administered by the not-for-profit Geoversity Foundation in the U.S. and the Fundación Geoversity in Panama.

Our Vision

Our vision is Biocultural Renewal: A healthy human relationship with Nature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create conservation communities and life changing learning experiences for biocultural leadership.

About Carbon Offsets

RiverBirch Executive Advisors is committed to carbon reductions and offsets as a part of our care for the planet and differentiation strategy. We want to be leaders in climate action and set an example for our clients and vendors. Mamoní Valley Preserve carbon offsets are a key part of living up to our commitment with the added benefit of a place-based option we can see and touch in a globally significant rainforest.

Will Ditzler, President of RiverBirch